A Before/After Transformation - Strathroy

DCI Properties specializes in buying homes for cash, in any condition. And we are serious about buying in any condition - old, damaged, neglected, cluttered, unfinished renos, even burnt down! We've purchased over 100 properties to date, so we thought we'd share some of the work done to properties we have acquired.

Before/After Transformation - Strathroy

This detached house in Strathroy was owned by a lovely elderly couple who recently passed. We were contacted by their children who were looking to sell this inherited home in a hassle-free way. The house sits on a large plot of land and comes with an inground pool. Structurally, the house was in excellent condition and did not require major renovations. It did however contain a lot of stuff left behind by the homeowners and its decor was very dated.


From the exterior, the house looked clean and bright with a well-manicured lawn and a long, tidy driveway. Going in, we were greeted with a living room containing a fireplace and items on the floor. The room had a large window but because the walls were painted a dark red, it reduced the brightness of the room.

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Next, the dining room which lead into the kitchen also had dark walls. Items occupied the dining table and floors. The bedrooms were cluttered and contain stuff all around. And with a peek into the garage - we knew we had our work cut out for us.


Moving into the basement, we found less clutter but incomplete renovations instead. It seemed like the homeowner was in the midst of finishing his basement, so we were glad we were able to complete his project for him.


As mentioned, the house does sit on a large lot and had a nice inground pool installed. The deck was in good shape so we just needed to tidy up the backyard space.



The first three things on our agenda were cleaning, cleaning and cleaning! We removed items that the homeowner no longer wanted as well as all pieces of furniture that were deemed too dated. Once we had de-cluttered the house, we gave all the rooms a fresh new coat of paint. We always choose a lighter shade because it brightens up a room, but it also gives it the appearance of being larger and more spacious. In the living room, we maintained the beautiful fireplace as the centerpiece and kept the dark brown trim throughout the house.

For the basement, it required less cleaning but more actual renovations instead. We laid new flooring and painted all the walls a clean white. Some of the original elements there such as doors, framing (in the laundry room) and ceiling were kept because we found their dark brown color nicely complimented the new white walls and created a modern rustic feel.


And finally, once we opened up the pool in the summer and let the grass grow their brilliant green, the backyard was a sight to behold! We were definitely satisfied with its transformation. This house was now ready for the next family to move into and enjoy!


One common misconception about our projects is that they all include major renovations. Sometimes, all the house needs are junk removal, a deep clean and a fresh coat of paint. These tasks may be simple but present too much an inconvenience to homeowners who have busy lives and their own ongoing projects. If you need a peace of mind from a messy home, give us a call and let us take care of it for you!

Stay tuned for more Before/After Transformations!

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