Home showings. They seem like a great idea. And if you’re trying to sell your house without an agent, you’re probably going to spend a lot of time getting it in order first. Maybe you’ve staged it just right. Or hired a professional home staging agency. Maybe you’ve even spent several hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars on minor repairs and renovations. Nothing too fancy. But just enough to make your home look brand new and inviting.

So how come your house isn’t selling?

Is It Me Or Is It My House?

At heart, there’s probably nothing wrong with your house. And there’s nothing wrong with home showings, either. You may just be running into some fairly common problems.

Unqualified Buyers

The truth is, there’s really only a few attendees to an open house that are qualified to purchase a home. And those that are will be working with a buyer’s agent who knows the ins and outs of negotiating a home sale at the best price for a buyer. A qualified buyer needs to have the right credit to be in the market for the right home at the right time. And if you think you’re going to find them on your own, you may be facing an uphill battle.


Home showings are a goldmine for prospecting agents. They know that there are eager homebuyers (some of whom actually will be qualified) milling about who they can work with on negotiating a different property at a much better price. Remember, agents always work on commission. This isn’t to suggest they’re unethical. But they know the value of a good opportunity. And there’s no opportunity quite like a home showing.


It’s an unavoidable reality. But there’s no such thing as downtime in the real estate market. Even if you are working with a qualified agent, there’s always going to be a house that was priced just a few thousand dollars below yours down the street. You can underprice your home. But so can your neighbors as well. Selling your house is as cut throat a business as any. And it’s as much a question of luck as it is foresight.

Can I Sell My House Without A Home Showing?

There are a few options available for sellers looking to sell their houses without a home showing.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours can be an effective way to advertise your home, if done correctly.

  • Posting virtual tours on your own site will look more professional than posting them on YouTube.
  • Do not use photos or videos taken on your phone when posting a virtual tour. Use in a high resolution digital camera or camcorder instead.
  • A professional photographer and web designer can make all the difference in the world.
  • The same rules of staging your house for a home showing apply to a virtual tour.
  • Always allow for plenty of open space and natural light.

But while virtual tours may be an effective way of advertising your home, virtually no one is going to purchase a house sight unseen. Nor should you trust anyone who offers to. You’re still going to have to arrange for a home showing. But at least you can vouch for their legitimate interest first.

Property Investors

Directly selling to cash buyers has become a convenient solution for many homeowners who have neither the time nor budget for expensive renovations in an uncertain real estate market. Most are willing to purchase a house as is, frequently within a matter of days. A qualified cash buyer knows that competition can often delay the sale of your home and can make you an offer that’s fair, convenient and above all, safe. There’s no prep work needed nor is there any lengthy escrow period involved. And they can mean all the difference between keeping your doors open for months on end and closing them within a matter of weeks.

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Using a real estate agent to sell your house

Selling with a real estate agent has many comfortable perks. The agent will list the house, schedule all the showings, market your house, and find the right buyer. That is until they can’t sell the house, and they require you to make some repairs so they can sell it at a higher price so you can actually afford to move away from it. Choosing to not make those repairs is completely okay, and you may still be able to sell the house. An interested buyer, however, will offer you a lot less than asking price so that they will have the money they need to fix up the house themselves.

Sell to DCI Properties

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