Not everyone has the time or inclination to focus their energy and time toward selling their home using a realtor or learning to navigate the world of For Sale by Owner (FSO.) Real estate investors have thrown open the door to an approach that costs you no time and rewards you with money.

Ontario has the highest realtor commission rates in Canada. Although it is still the most popular way to sell a home, work is involved, and money is spent. There are two other ways of selling a home, For Sale by Owner (FSO) and selling to a Private Home Buyer. The former method requires researching the type of FSO selling and purchasing products sold to help the selling procedure. The latter way of selling to a private home buyer is pretty straightforward. Read DCI Properties’ How It Works.

Selling your home using the For Sale by Owner system can be beneficial for those who enjoy the adventure of having complete control. However, it is new territory for most people, and that may feel daunting especially considering the financial risks. The amount of work can seem challenging. Incentives to purchase marketing products during the process may make people feel pressured.

For a deeper look at selling your home your way, read our article, “How Do I Sell My Own Home?”

Four benefits of selling to a real estate investor/private house buyer:

  • No work required
  • Fast closing (4 weeks or less)
  • Flexible timelines
  • Cash transaction

1. No work required:

Real estate investors or private home buyers are familiar with the following scenarios and more.

  • If you need to sell an inherited house, but you are selling from a different province, or maybe you’re going through a divorce and need a quick house sale, selling to a real estate investor makes sense.
  • Maybe you need to move for a new job, and your energy is focused on a new city and a different future.
  • You may be unable to afford to make repairs to your house before selling.
  • The home may be otherwise unsellable, as in a hoarder instance.
  • You may be experiencing a foreclosure situation.

2. Fast closing (4 weeks or less)

Choosing a real estate investor speeds up timelines for you.

  • You may have already purchased a new home with its sale contingent on your old home selling.
  • If you are moving out of town for a job relocation and the timeline is unknown, or in the worst case, you find out at the last minute, a private home buyer can be ideal, paperwork is minimal, and a cheque can be arranged as little as four weeks.
  • In a divorce, both parties divide the assets. A quick sale can help the process.
  • A home inspection is often part of a traditional sale which adds time; in the case of a private home sale, financial leeways for assumed renovations are made, but the deal is not held up.

3. Flexible timelines:

Usually, traditional methods of house sales mean you must be out of a sold house on a specific date. Investors or private home buyers may be more flexible with timing.

  • You may need a date that works specifically for you, whether it’s a very short timeline or a longer one.

4. Cash transaction:

There is no danger of a new appraisal changing the original offer.

  • Cash offers generally close more quickly.
  • Cash offers will help you if you do not qualify for financing.

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